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Featured Products

RIG 150

Whether you need to conduct standard catalyst pretreatment/testing experiments or more advanced transient isotopic studies, the RIG-150 is the answer to your catalyst characterization needs. Developed over years of extensive research, the RIG-150 provides for efficient, unattended operation while still giving you the versatility you want.


ISRI has a microreactor system available that has an automated control system and can operate up to 900 psi and temperatures up to 600oC. The system is controlled by a virtual instrument appearing on your computer screen. Just type in the desired flow rate, run time, time delays, and pressure, and the computer does the rest.

InFrared Reactor

Based on many years of laboratory experience in in-situ infrared catalytic research, ISRI has developed an in-situ

IR-reactor capable of operating at high pressure (15 atm) and vacuum (10-5 torr).

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