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ISRI has a microreactor system available that has an automated control system and can operate up to 900 psi and temperatures up to 600oC. The system is controlled by a virtual instrument appearing on your computer screen. Just type in the desired flow rate, run time, time delays, and pressure, and the computer does the rest. The computer control allows for temperature programming as well as steady state operation. Several cycles are possible and automatic depressurization is available at the end of a run. A condenser, cooled by water, and two collection vessels permit one to remove liquid products for analysis during a run, and a liquid feed control with an evaporating section can be included.


The stainless steel tubular reactor has a thermo-well and cooling coils at the inlet and outlet to prevent overheating the lines. The catalyst is placed in a porous frit just below the thermo-well. An electrical furnace can provide reactor temperatures up to 600oC. Accurate pressure control is achieved by a combination of inlet mass flow controllers and an exit control valve that keeps the pressure constant by equalizing the inlet and outlet flow. A relief valve insures safe operation in the case of pressure surges.


The reactor type and feed control mechanism on the HP 150 can be easily adapted to meet your needs. Each system is equipped with:


  • Two stainless steel reactors with water cooling coils for high temperature operation

  • Digital temperature and pressure displays

  • Gas filters, check valves, and relief valves for safety

  • Programmable temperature controller

  • High temperature furnace. Operating temperature up to 600oC

  • Computer controlled system

  • Temperature controlled stainless steel saturator and condenser

  • LED gas flow indicators

  • Electronic pressure and mass flow controllers

  • Reactor by-pass system


HP 150 Technical Specifications:


Operating Pressure

Atmospheric up to 900 psi

Construction Material

1/8" stainless steel tubing


Stainless steel

Sample loading

5 mg to 2 g on st. steel frit

Gas Input Ports


Liquid Feed Line


Gas Flow Ranges

Specified by customer

Auxiliary Outlet Ports



45" ´ 21" ´ 26"


~ 200 lbs

Control System:


Both PC or Macintosh Available

Signal Output


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